Do you have an idea about air leakage ratings for your windows? If none, you should keep in touch with this article as it will help you big time! 

Air leakage ratings refer to leakage on your window assembly. It may result in air infiltration due to improper window installation and low window maintenance. It is one of the most crucial factors to consider when we compare the energy efficiency in replacing our windows. Window Replacementis essential, especially when we observe that our windows are not functioning and well-installed. Air leakage is also one reason why we need to conduct window replacement for our safety and security. Moreover, air leakage is a vital rating. It is represented by the number 0.1-0.3. A lower number is vital because it means that less air can pass through your windows and allows less amount of air infiltration.  




The air leakage ratings are also vital in hiring a professional window installer and maker. It is your assurance as an owner that their works will not experience damages as time passes. Apart from that, lower air leakage ratings can also give you peace of mind, especially during the windy season that your windows will not put your life at risk.  

There are conditions that you can consider your windows as energy-efficient windows. According to NFRC, Energy Star, and AAMA, a window that often ranges in 0.1 ratings is a good energy-efficient window. Also, we can consider a window with a rating of less than 0.3 an energy-efficient window. 

The air leakage ratings also differ from the types or kinds of windows you have in your home. If you have vinyl double-hung, it should have a rating of not less than 0.5. A casement and picture windows must also have ratings lower than this.  

Do you have fiberglass, composite, and wooden windows at home? If yes, then bear in mind that these types of windows have higher air leakage ratings. On the other hand, if you plan to install one in your properties, remember that it has the worse air leakage ratings. 

Furthermore, if you plan to shop for the replacement of your windows, ensure that you are fully aware of the air leakage ratings. Do not be blinded with a single rating only like the infiltration or U-factor. It is best to choose and select the best window for your homes to prevent problems that might put yourself and your family in danger.  

There are also things to consider about air leakage ratings. These include the following: 

  • If you scan through window ratings, you can probably meet and consider air leakage and air infiltration. 
  • All windows can be available with a rating below 0.30. 
  • Some windows are available below the 0.10 ratings. 
  • Remember that a lower air leakage rating is better.  
  • Composite, fiberglass, and wood windows have high air leakage ratings compared to vinyl.  


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