How Different Are Painting and Powder Coating for Exterior Use?

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between painting and powder coating. Also, we’ll tackle the importance of powder coating for outdoor applications. Keep on reading to know more about them. 


Just what the name hints, powder coating is a finishing method that involves the application of powder to achieve a unique finish. First of all, the powder is sprayed into the item you want to be covered. Then, the item will be heated to develop a coating through an electrostatic procedure. The heat helps the powder to cure properly, letting it form a durable-like surface that lasts for a longer time. After all, you’ll achieve a thick and durable coating while also being eco-friendly by minimizing waste given that the powder will just be applied to your preferred item.  

On the contrary, traditional painting utilizes liquid paint that’s blasted with the help of pressurized tools like pump applicants or spray onto the chosen surfaces. The number of coatings will depend on the thickness that you want to achieve, which can usually take approximately 2 rounds or even more. Not like powder coating, painting utilizes a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in liquid states to let you get the ideal consistency in your finish. After the application process, the paint is left resting over your surface. However, it also comes with cons since it can be peeled easily because of exposure to tearing and weather elements. 

Overall, powder coating remains superior because of its adhesive properties that develop a stronger adherence to your surface compared to painting that’s more prone to tearing over time. 

Importance of powder coating for outdoor applications 

Things utilized for outdoor applications are particularly sensitive because of their exposure to extreme conditions like heat and winter. Due to this, it needs a thick finish for long-term use. A powder coating is a perfect selection thanks to its several benefits for outdoor fixtures. Here are some of them: 

Extensive color finishes 

Landscaping is one way of showcasing your love and creativity for matching and mixing or even color-coding. With powder coating, you’ll get to enjoy this procedure because it comes with virtually endless texture and color options of powder materials that you can utilize for the application procedure. Moreover, you can achieve a particular for your exterior fixtures, making customized finishes for your house. To know more about the available colors and costs of powder coating in Dallas TX, consult with the experts.  

Minimized differences in appearance 

Nothing’s as unfortunate as getting your patio furniture getting the striking difference in their vertical and horizontal coatings. To prevent such a typical situation to happen with your paint finishes, we highly recommend you to just adopt a powder coat to obtain a flawless finish and appearance. The electrostatic process utilized in the finishes uniformly sets and melts, which leads to a smooth coating and drying process.  


Not only exterior features and fixtures are susceptible to deterioration from the weather but the coatings utilized can provide risks to our environment as well because of their emissions. Thankfully, powder coating doesn’t give off any toxic organic compounds to the atmosphere, making it safe to environmentally safe.