Barbequed skewers, sausages, burgers, and steaks are extremely tasty. However, this can only be achieved once they’ve been thoroughly grilled and provided enough amount of heat. How can you do this at your BBQ party? Below are a few barbecue guideline sand hacks that can help you out to taste the best BBQ ever.  


Clean the grill 

It’s a must to clean your grill. Make sure to thoroughly wash it so that there won’t be any particles left from the last time you used it. As you cook now, the taste will be so much better and you will minimize the danger of flare-ups, which can immediately burn the meat without properly cooking it.  

Inspect the fuel level 

When you plan to use gas, see to it that your tank is still quite filled to last your cooking time for this day. Or you may utilize a chimney starter if you’re thinking about utilizing charcoal grills. This can help the coal to quickly warm-up and you can make sure that your food will not get that hint of gasoline taste.  

Determine whether indirect or direct heat is more appropriate 

Make a separate zone for both. When you want to cook big pieces of meat, then you should heat it indirectly. This way, they will be cooked properly without being dried up or burnt.  

Ensure that the food is at room temperature 

Before you cook the meat or any food, make sure to allow it to cool down first to room temp. If you do this, you can cook them more evenly, resulting in a greater taste.  

Preheat the grill 

After you’ve cleaned your grill, apply some layer of oil on the cooking surface. Close the lid, set the heat to low for approximately 15-20 min.  

Watch the heat 

Heat temp must be set based on what you’re planning to cook. But most of the time, you have to prevent setting them extremely high since it causes food to dry up and blackens. To start with, you can set the heat to high. However, make sure to switch it down to low or medium as you grill the meat.  

Sear the meat 

Avoid any unnecessary turning and flipping of meat. Rather, it’s best to allow it to sear so that the moisture will effectively be locked in. Remember that the more you flip over your meat, the drier it will be. We recommend that you must only do it only twice or once at least.  

Avoid pricking or poking 

Sure, you can get an idea of whether how much longer it needs to stay still on the grill. However, overdoing this will only rob the food of having moisture, which will just lower the taste’s quality of the meat.  

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